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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Open Call
for Ukrainian artists

LOORE announces an open call for Ukrainian artists for 2-month paid residency.
This open call presents 8
different opportunities in Estonia and a one-month residency extension opportunity from our partner.


Deadline for Applications: 14th of April

Notification of all artists: 1st of June


    LOORE (The Estonian Creative Residencies Network) was created in response to the expressed need for better representation and collaboration between artist residency organisations across Estonia. With the goal of supporting the mobility of creative people and representing the interests of residency hosts; increasing capacity and influence, and value. It also promotes the sharing of artistic resources and collaboration opportunities across its members. Currently the LOORE network represents 14 members.


    Thanks to the funding by the Nordic Culture Point, LOORE can provide support to Ukrainian artists, writers, curators, critics and musicians etc. During 2023 – 2024 members of the LOORE network will host artists through a funded residency program, giving artists the opportunity to make use of the different available opportunities of the organisations and the unique networking possibilities, such as visits, workshops, talks and programs in other locations.


    This open call presents 8 different 2 month residency opportunities and a one-month residency extension opportunity from our partner. Artists are asked to apply only to the residency programs which fits their work. 


    All residencies are free for the artist.
    Artists will receive 1500€ scholarship, a 600€ materials budget and a transport allowance. 

    Application process

    Please read the following descriptions of each organisation below. 

    To apply please complete the application form, where you will be asked to select the residency program you wish to apply for.

    Artists can apply for a maximum of 2 residency programs, please do this in separate forms.

    Residency organizations


    If you have any questions contact us

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