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4 questions- Kullaaugu

The Kullaaugu farm is located in Ahja village in Põlva County is the childhood home of the Estonian musician brothers Aigar Vals and Argo Vals.

Since 2010, the farm has hosted the annual Kullaaugu music festival. At the end of 2023, the farm started organizing film music residencies.

1. What is it like to run a residency?

Aigar Vals: It feels like we have taken the right direction. Our residency inspires composers and they, in turn, inspire us. Ultimately, it shows that the residents are satisfied with their stay with us.

2. The most important thing to know about your residency?

We highly value audiovisual arts and a musical ear.

3. Why are you LOORE members?

Through the LOORE network, we are looking for experience and knowledge, primarily to understand the financing processes as well as to create connections with other residencies.

4. What will the Kullaaugu look like in 15 years?

Hopefully, the future will be such that Kullaaugu will become one of the most meritorious film music residencies in Europe. photos by Kullaaugu

dr. Phivos-Angelos Kollias

Installation by dr. Phivos-Angelos Kollias
Rafaele Andrade

Natas Kunas

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