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LOORE network members met in MASSIA

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

12.-13.10.2023 @ MASSIA, Massiaru koolimaja, Häädemeeste vald, Pärnumaa.

  • For LOORE network members to get to know each other in a more informal way, to discuss and strengthen the network

  • To find out the visions of the network members regarding future of the network (short and long term)


12.10 The Eve 16-19 Arrivals, Collectively preparing dinner 19.30 Dinner

13.10 The Day

8- 8.45 Breakfast 9- 10 Intro do the Day + Reside/ Sustain presentation

10- 10.30 Tour around MASSIA

10.30- 12 Session I / Who i am and Why i am here? Moderated by Liene Jurgelane 12- 13 Lunch

13- 14.30 Session II / Important ongoings

14.30- 15 Paus 15-17 Session III / Strategies- how to implement network intentions. Moderated by Liene Jurgelane

17 Dinner snacks, Farewells / leavings Meeting was funded by Estonian Cultural Endowment (Visual and Applied Arts Endowment) / Projekti rahastas Eesti Kultuurkapital

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